"The Company"
We are the chain company of the leading
Alum producer in Thailand. This will therefore guarantee
the higher quality and prevent the shortage of raw material.

100 % Pure & Natural

CRYSTAL FRESH the most effective
natural deodorant available, is made from
100% pure & natural mineral salts
(natural Alum crystal)

"Nature's Answer to Body Odors"

CRYSTAL FRESH for "deodorant"
purpose works straight to the
problem both underarm and foot
odor. Unlike other deodorants
which only cover up one smell with
actually eliminates body odors
prohibiting the growth of
bacteria which is the cause
of body odors.

"As An After Shave"

CRYSTAL FRESH for "after shave"
puropse works by eliminating bacteria
which causes skin irritation
and infection

"Fresh & Confident"

CRYSTAL FRESH glides on like
silk and forms an invisible shield or
protection against odor-causing
bacteria, yet allows the skin to
breathe without clogging pores. It is
non-staining, and non-oily thus
keeps you fresh, dry and confident
all day long no matter what
activities you do.

"Easy to Use"

Simply moisten the skin area wanted
with water and rub on the skin or dip
the crystal into water before using.

"Best for You, Best for The

maximum protection against odor
causing bacteria without harmful
chemicals, perfumes, oil, alchohol,
propellant or emulsifiers. It is
Hypoallergenic and kind to
all akin types.

CRYSTAL FRESH also helps
protecting the environment because
no gas or other harmful chemical is
released to the air like other kinds of
deodorant or after shave.

"Shapes & Sizes"

CRYSTAL FRESH is formed by the
crystallization of natural mineral. It can be
cut into various attractive shapes such as
natural shapes, cylinder, mini disk,
heart etc. and various convenient sizes.