Scope of Consulting Services

  1. Structural and Civil Engineering Design

    Covers the Analysis and Detailed Design of Structural and Civil Engineering ; Geo-technical Engineering ; Structural Damage Investigation ; Due Diligence Services ; and Independent Checking Engineering.

  2. Project Management

    Covers Project Feasibility Study ; Master Plan Study ; Project Planning and Schedule Management ; Project Control ; Projects Cost management ; Contractor Procurement ; Contract Management ; Design Coordination ; and Design Management.

    The Project Management Consultant (PMC) shall mainly be responsible for the activities during pre-construction phase, i.e. design and bidding processes.

  3. Construction Management and Supervision

    To achieve the most efficient scheme regarding Time, Quality and Budget, Construction Management or CM plays an important role during construction stage. Our services start from Construction Cost Estimation ; Contractor Bidding Process ; Contract Preparation and Contract Management ; Construction Planning and Scheduling ; Construction Supervision ; and Quantity Surveying Services (Q.S.).

  4. Mechanical, Electrical, and Sanitary Engineering Design

    Services include Detailed Engineering Design of Electrical ; HVAC ; Sanitary ; Waste Treatment ; Fire Protection ; Elevator and Escalation System ; Intelligent Building System ; Building Automation System ; Industrial Piping ; Communication ; Security ; and IT System.

  5. Architectural, Interior Decoration, and Landscape Design

    Services include Master Plan Layout ; Detailed Design and Supervision of Architectural, Interior, and Landscape Works during construction phase.